Campus Thought Leader Program by Centre for Civil Society: Apply by Sep 29

The Thought Leader Program by CCS is an endeavor to interact university/college campus’ within the spheres of public policy.

We need representatives WHO not solely take AN interest publicly policy however additionally want to speak or diffuse the ideas of tomorrow.

Why become an idea Leader?

  • – a lot of real-life leadership expertise at the field level.
  • – Lead the discourse and dialogue on field, share ideas of liberty and political.
  • – Certificates on completion of program.
  • – Opportunities to attend policy – our flagship introductory course to Public Policy.
  • – an opportunity to intern with CCS, contingent performance.
  • – Access to a network of CCS alumni everywhere the country.
  • What will you be expected to do?
  • – Act as a liaison between CCS and also the individual establishment.
  • – Build relationships on field with college and student teams on behalf of CCS.
  • – facilitate boost participation for all CCS programs in and round the field.
  • – Be evangelists for CCS – produce awareness, interact the community, be the native on ground POC.

The key takeaways from this program are going to be – Leadership in Thought, Networking, Partnerships, Public Policy Insights and plenty more!

We shall focus on arming the Thought Leaders with the flexibility to systematically delight in dialogue and discourse with their peers (seniors and juniors included).

Through our Program, we have a tendency to shall take you thru the nuances of effectively human activity your ideas and analyzing public policy.

The length of the Thought Leader Program is half dozen months. Please ensure you’re free throughout this point amount and can be ready to perform all duties assigned by CCS.

1. begin by filling out our application form:

2. Upon being shortlisted, we are going to conduct a telecommunication Interview with you.

3. the chosen candidates are going to be up on and integrated through our orientation program. Post the orientation, they’d begin their journey as CCS’ Thought Leaders on their field.

For any queries, you’ll be able to write to

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